Velocity dependent devices

TENSA designs, produces, tests and delivers its velocity dependent devices according to specific clients’ needs. These solutions are designed to reduce the seismic structural response by adding important energy dissipation to the system.

Key advantages

  • Reliability of performance
  • Minimal maintenance along their expected life as only oil accumulators need to checked in charge infrequently and in compliance with TENSA inspection and maintenance manual
  • Self-compensation of the internal volumetric changes, consequent to changes in temperature thanking to the pre-loaded oil accumulator
  • The fluid used is silicone type characterised by an insensitivity to aging, stability of viscosity with temperature more than double to mineral oil

Systems available


The TFVD are designed to reduce the seismic structural response by adding an important energy dissipation to the system. They are used in parallel with bearings and isolators. Under an impulsive external force (dynamic loads, earthquake, etc…), the constitutive law of TFVD is F = c va. For slow external actions such as temperature changes, shrinkage and creep, these devices allow free movement with a negligible reaction.

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Base isolation systems are used to protect constructions and, more importantly, human lives.  25 years’ experience allows TENSA to provide a solution to any design demand, producing innovative tools aimed at reducing the seismic hazard.

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TENSA’s rigid connection devices are the most suitable solution when a modification on the structure’s response is required. In fact, they can modify the structure’s condition from static to dynamic and distribute the entrance seismic force in different positions.

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Thanks to its high quality displacement dependent devices TENSA is able to guarantee a perfect control of maximum loads activated during an earthquake between the connected elements, independently of the seismic intensity and frequency.

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