Displacement dependent devices

Thanks to its high quality displacement dependent devices TENSA is able to guarantee a perfect control of maximum loads activated during an earthquake between the connected elements, independently of the seismic intensity and frequency.

Key advantages

  • High seismic protection of the structure
  • High number of dissipative cycles without observing degradation
  • No sensitivity to enviromental conditions

Systems available


The TEPDs are steel restraint able to transmit only horizontal forces. So, TEPDs are generally used in parallel with steel bearings. TEPDs have an elasto-plastic constitutive law with high dissipation and a stable hysteretic behaviour. This technology foresees hysteretic elements (‘C’ shaped) in AISI 304 to guarantee a better mechanical feature and reliability in time considering the inalterability of the material.

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Base isolation systems are used to protect constructions and, more importantly, human lives.  25 years’ experience allows TENSA to provide a solution to any design demand, producing innovative tools aimed at reducing the seismic hazard.

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TENSA designs, produces, tests and delivers its velocity dependent devices according to specific clients’ needs. These solutions are designed to reduce the seismic structural response by adding important energy dissipation to the system.

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TENSA’s rigid connection devices are the most suitable solution when a modification on the structure’s response is required. In fact, they can modify the structure’s condition from static to dynamic and distribute the entrance seismic force in different positions.

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